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The First Carol of the Season

I happened upon this album in 2009 and it’s the very first song I put on before I start decorating for Christmas. I’d love to have a choral arrangement of this for my women’s choir. It reminds me of what it’s really all about and it sets a gentle mood. Particularly on a rainy December morning.



Tonight the Treble Makers Women’s Choir (a choir I founded in 2007 to provide women in our rural area a safe and encouraging place to sing and learn to sing) sings for a local church Christmas concert. Wednesday, we’re at the second of two seniors’ home concerts/visits. This busy week needs a strong backdrop of calm, gratitude… and a heartfelt smile.


One Thing a Week

It’s not just the big things, like jumping out of an airplane.

When I came across this idea last week, the first thing that came to mind was… jumping out of an airplane. Something I would do—and my hubby wouldn’t.

But then I started thinking about small things I haven’t done or places I haven’t been.

walked in a Santa Claus parade

played the bagpipes, a sousaphone

learned to speed read

explored any of a number of buildings on the campus of the university

eaten oxtail

climbed a really big mountain

hiked pretty much most of the Bruce Trail

walked all the trails in the London area

biked several of the bike trails in London

explored Elgin county from end to end

driven a combine

attended a polka dance, punk rock concert, heavy metal concert or monster truck rally

It’s now on my weekly list… to do SOMETHING or go SOMEWHERE I haven’t yet.

This week, it was to the Danforth and Greektown. And into Leonidas Chocolates on Danforth where they serve a civil cup of hot chocolate.

Highly recommended. Hot chocolate comes with a small chocolate on the side.

And I sat outside on a warmish November day to enjoy it. And I loved the kale garden in the parkette I was sitting in.

a beautiful fall garden at Danforth and Logan, Toronto

Simple, small, memorable.