What is One Quality Note?

I try to live an imaginative and  illumined life, inspired by the keynote  “I build a lighted house and therein dwell.” A lighthouse shows the way. A lighted house lights up the darkness while recognizing that there is darkness and mystery and the unknown.

And to that end…

  • I help people get past their fears and find their creative purpose. I do this through music improvisation, creativity workshops, one-on-one coaching, speaking and writing.
  • Harmlessness, right thought, right speech, right action—right human relations— these are behind all that I do.

One Quality Note?

Funny thing. This name came up in 1997 when I started to produce photo greeting cards from my photos (still using film in those days) and the tag line was “Sending Beauty Around the World.” And the photo cards and prints indeed went around the world. It has since morphed. Although it still has to do with sending beauty around the world.

To be obvious, it’s a play on writing a “quality” (thoughtful, caring, communicative) note to someone and, because I’m also a musician and music teacher, it’s about one quality musical note, both of which mean you have to be at your centre. Not switch-tasking, but paying attention to what is around.

In photography, it’s light and shadow, composition and seeing or perceiving the Life in what I’m photographing. In music, it’s about being fully present in the music making.

I’m city born, but live in the country. I grow food, but not enough to feed us all year. I cycle, and still have to get past the idea of cycling on gravel. I walk every day: walking helps me think. I write because it helps me know what I’m thinking. I sew, knit, make art and music in unequal proportions. I seem to collect cats. The live kind.

I try really hard not to buy into the negativity that flows from the media, from the culture, from the mouths of those I meet, refusing to believe that the negative is the majority. It isn’t.

I bring all of this, and the sum total of all the stupid things I’ve done and thought throughout my life to my work, or rather to my labour of gratitude.



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