Three Months is a Long Time…

…to go without making any excuses.

Can I pay attention to and dramatically decrease my capacity to make excuses for not doing what can be done?

I’m pushing myself. It’s not easy. I can find all kinds of reasons not to drive in to work out—or, once I’m there, to just do a little. It’s late, I tell myself, I didn’t bring the right shoes, today’s just a treadmill/bike/elliptical day, I’ll just do arms, it’s too busy, I didn’t bring the iPod…I’m listening for them and heading them off at the pass. I hope.

I’m also looking for times when I’m mindless. I need to finish that up so it doesn’t go bad, even though it won’t. I can leave the dishes for tomorrow. I haven’t been home all day, I’m tired.

Then there’s business. I’m not ready for that step yet, I need to plan a little more, I’ll get to that after these other things are done, there’s a lot of work to get to that level.

I think what I may do is write a whole list of all the excuses I give myself. Write them right out and, because I KNOW I’ll not have a perfect 90 day run, I’ll check off the ones I use… and even better, the ones that I am TEMPTED to use… and don’t! Wouldn’t that be cool!

Think I may also have to extend my perception of excuses… how about making good meals rather than throwing something together? not picking things up? putting things away rather than leaving them out?

The list continues…

It’s all about awareness. And not being an absolute wimp.


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