9 Human Addictions—What Fun….

Of course, it would be an opportune time to write about Sandy and Frankenstorm—wonder how many posts on THAT today—because there are so many ways to approach it. Wind as metaphor, rain as metaphor, storm and hurricane as metaphor, riding out the storm as metaphor, preparation (or lack thereof) as metaphor. So, I’ll do something completely different. Nothing to do with the storm. At all.

Sex Comfort Money

Fear Hatred  Desire for power

Pride Separativeness Cruelty

Nine human addictions. Pick one. At least, pick one at a time. We’re driven and powered by all of these at some time or other.


(Note: Tuesday… this post was done to this point when the power went off…and seeing as life needed to stop then for the storm, I’m leaving this the way it is.)


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