Is Your Work Interesting?

If you can’t say anything interesting about your work every day, then you should be doing other work. This was Seth Godin‘s comment on a recent Success CD when Darren Hardy asked him what ONE thing entrepreneurs could do TODAY. Seth recommended starting a blog and writing every day without telling anyone. Just write every day and talk about your work. And if you haven’t anything interesting to say…. then you should do different work.


I know my work is interesting. It’s just that sometimes (often?) I’m not really entirely sure what my ‘work’ is. Sounds insane. The real trouble is that just about anything I run into seems to be connected to what I’m REALLY supposed to be doing. But that’s another story… or is it?!

One thing I AM trying to do is to live my life more rhythmically, in tune with the seasonal, zodiacal, circadian and ultradian rhythms of life.That’s one thing.

Another thing is that I’m dreams and breaking them down into projects, which is much more poetical, and for me, real, than saying I’m setting goals and breaking them down into action steps. What it boils down to is that I’m digging in and making my imaginative life more me, more creative, more colourful, more ….real.

The two are connected.

Today is the New Moon of Libra, a time to seed something new. Brendon Burchard, in his book, The Charge, suggested 30-day challenges or behaviour changes. He starts his at the beginning of the month and he covers several areas of his life.

This is what I’m doing: 30-day challenging behaviours starting on:

  • First day of the month
  • New Moon
  • Change of astrological signs
  • Full Moon

That way, it’s not all starting all at once, and I can fine tune the quality of the behaviour, action, challenge to the moment of the month.

In addition, I will continue to use the Chinese 5-element clock to order my day.

I also really like Mike Koenigs’ suggestion, which I think he got from someone else, to use MTO to, well, get off the couch, break monster projects into little pet projects. Manageable, Target and Outrageous.

If it’s written down, I’m more likely to complete it. It also sits there as a reminder and as a visual challenge.

So, for this New Moon period, I’m doing a 30-day Blog-a-Day challenge. The Manageable behaviour, that which I can be counted on to do, is to blog here 3 times a week. That I can do. I can count on myself to do that. The Target is to blog here 7 days a week for 30 days. The outrageous? This is so FAR outside what I think is possible that it’s outrageous. My outrageous idea is to blog here 7 days a week, and blog on my other blogs, An Imaginative Life and Gravel Road Life  a total of 5 times a week. Yes, it’s outrageous and way beyond what I think I can do. That’s why it’s there.

If This is not the way most people (does anyone else?) would set up their life. It’s unusual and so I’m expecting some unusual results. But a good part of my work has to do with sound, music, vibration and rhythm and its connection to our highest personal development and expression. The Full/New Moon cycle is important as is the change from one astrological sign to another. So.. we’ll see how it goes.

In the meantime… I can now put a check mark on day one. I did it.


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